Set Free

The truth has been set free.
Now the world will see it all
more clearly. Step by step, into
their battered hearts and minds
and souls. There, behind
that podium - there is something
not quite right in what they try
to sell to all the many souls
within their audience these days.

Soul to soul, the lies cannot go on.
Ripples in a silent pond speak elegantly
of a sacrifice of love. But love is grace
and endless wakes of spirited involvement.
Love abides in realms of truth that never need
a sacrificial image, or a sacrifice at all.
For truth is born of all the storms of wrong,
at last set on the track to become right.

It's as if some higher power were still
looking down on us. When suddenly
an imaged thought moves in. Newborn,
come to move us through and through.
Leading us to yet another level of forgiveness.
A forgiveness that holds memory in sync.

The whole is always present. If we seek it,
we can see both sides at once. Likened
to a font of wisdom, life keeps moving on within
a rhythm that appeases blind destruction.
And here-in lies the healing of us all.

Just set it free! The truth of all you live and breathe.
Let love become a part of every moment of your life.
The strife created in beliefs of all duality
must bow down to immensity, each time
the whole is focused in your mind.

An eerie light, a focused sight.
Another soul that sees and knows -
the other side as real. And then we feel.
The wonder and the glory as it all becomes
too real to be denied. Surreal the sound,
of spirits gathering round to share
the wisdom they've achieved.

Like sirens singing in the endless sea.
Why was it that the sailors ever came
to fear the beauty of their song...?
For so long - too long - all their songs
have been denied in decibels of what
the many (stealing power) wish to hear.
Ah, but here, the old love songs come in.
They bring us to remember all the loving
times gone by.

And oh, the grace of healing there - just
where all their love songs would be heard.
It's here and it is free - the healing that
humanity so needs - to change the course
of mere survival into all the beauty that
our souls can be. A symphony of love
that never falters.

Felt, if not perceived some other way.
The knowledge of a brighter day arising.
Intuition flies into the soul. Gut feelings
can be counted on to bring love to the whole.
And then, just when the systems of the world
let you down, listen to the silence of their songs.
Bring love back into consideration. Opening
another heart that starts to work its magic
on the whole...

So many ways, the endless days.
It never was a matter of the rules
of all we 'ought' to do. What matters
most has always been the love we feel,
so poignantly, each time the mind gives in
to all the truth each heart holds high
in expectation - of the love and light -
and endless days and nights
when love was real...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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