She Knows

Linking into memories
of someone else's life in time.
Alive or dead, the memories are free.
Amazing, what the truth of memory
can bring to be.

Awakening, the network opens out.
Patterns ranging far and wide,
through mountains high that linger
o'er the sea. Sun sinking in a blink
of harmony.

The night knows. Shining net of
scattered stars outlasting any little
light we bring into this life.
She knows. Dusk of incense
blanketing awakened senses
leading them to dreams of
what it all might finally mean.

The night knows. She knows
the mean and petty schemes
they thought they hid so well.
Secrets of instinctual cruelty.
Will powered by a base of secrecy.
And yet she knows.

Nature is allowed to take its course.
There is no high or low within its force.
It lives itself alive on mountains high
that sink in abysses beneath unending
seas. She knows the pleasures
of each urge to ecstasy.

Power plays will never bring
her ecstasy to light. Ah no,
that takes the night, so ever
gentle in its falling. Slow and
easy, yet inexorable.

Relentlessly, she waits
for you and me.
And still, she knows...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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