She Loves

Quietly, she drifts along
as if the meaning of all song
initiated every living motion.
Shimmering, a scent of light
will follow her along.

Humming, like an afterbreath.
Strumming, like a string in jest.
Swirling, the spirals sing
of all that we can be.

Love exists. Sweet moisture's kiss
expands within the desert of the mind.
Green and growing, flowering.
The magic of the earth still brings
the fantasy back to reality.

Turn it all around again.
Release the blessings to the wind.
Share - this love will never live alone.
Reach out with hands of healing.
Sing - the love of life decrees a song.

Harmony - a loving tone.
Souls that rise above the lone.
Release the sadness and the pain.
Dissolve it in the rain and see it change.

She stands within a bend of rainbow hues.
Quietly, she skims along
a bridge of sunlight singing.
Arching out, and reaching back,
she loves...

? Michaelette ?

Artwork by:  Fascination
Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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