Take the Step

Death comes.
The harder we run,
the faster it finds us.
Fear of it becomes for some
the only motivating factor.
Youth was never privileged.
It merely turned another way,
and left preponderance
for days when nothing
else was found to play.

Character and dignity,
these things are born of soul.
Wisdom born of honesty,
the hallmark of a sage.
It never was a matter
of their popularity.
Peer groups only compromise
the tones of unity.

Death remains the mystery,
and birth its great extreme.
We wonder at the history
of those left unredeemed.
Strange, the truth that's held
within a hand that comes to meet
the destiny of death minus defeat.

Heaven, hell, some great divide.
These are the tricksters of the mind.
Spirits roam the outer worlds.
The demons and the angels play.
Deity is not content.
God and Goddess seem to vent
the quandaries of it all.
Temples rise and temples fall.
Adoration is recalled - a moment
here and there, and then forgotten.

What good the fall, if not
for the experience of life?
Death unspoken takes the joy
of life and leaves the alibis
that turn our lives to lies.
Mourning, grief - do spirits weep?
Ah no, they simply shine
a little brighter.

Knowing this, and living that,
pain becomes the aftermath.
Depression is a self-induced disease.
Dare to find another way to feel.
Love is waiting round the bend.
It seeks to know itself again -
through you. Another spirit,
longing for much more than
mere survival.

Take the step,
don't let your fear defeat you.
Live, and death will live with you;
comforting - this feel of harmony.
Reach beyond the great denial.
Be the judge of your own trials.
Don't let any other push you down.

Ancestry is not conceived of rules.
Genes are not the answer to it all.
The ratio of life to death
will not be changed by chemical
exposure. Never can a win or loss
be gained within those realms.
Fearing death, they work against
a set of odds that never can be

Miracles cannot be found by minds
too swamped with data. Simple this,
the bliss of true acceptance.
We live, our bodies die, and life goes on.
Temples rise and fall within
ongoing plays of unknown civilizations.
Avoiding ends refutes each new beginning.
Love or fear...? It's time to choose.
Which one of these for you...?

Distress born of anxiety
when fear is on the rise.
Denial lends it ever so much strength.
Face the end. Begin again.
Life cycles through infinity.
Round the corners.
Square the circles.
Triangulate and agitate.
Magnify and lose the gist
of wholeness waiting in the mist.

As above, so below.
Of the half, become whole.
Good and bad rely on one another.
Ordered chaos breaking free.
And oh, the sweetest harmony
remains our greatest blessing.

Seek this love and make it real.
Live it as it breathes anew.
Know it to be everything you are.
Compliment the great extremes.
Know yourself within the dream
as part of all and everything.

In life and death, the angels sing.
Feathery, the wings of all untime.
Grace the world with beatific smiles.
Find the closeness in unending miles.
It doesn't matter where you are,
as long as you are real.
And what is real, if not the endless
feeling of it all...?

Take the step
and live in love again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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