The Alien

Fear - invaded by an alien.
Perception drawn to all that's different.
Connections altered by another dose
of the extreme. As all we used to deem
as real becomes just slightly skewed.

At first a thrill, but then it magnifies.
Try to hide and it becomes intense.
Instinctual, defenses start to rise.
Rushing past the sentient and wise.

Invaded by an alien. Heart pounding
in response. An instant when the mind
just cannot cope. Hoping it will merely
pass us by. Yet feeling it cross over
in the mists that live us on the other side.

Internally compressing every shiver and
the shaking of our very private world.
Capturing the movement of a sound.
Commanding our reactions to conceal
the thoughts we think.

Living on the brink can be so very startling.
Systematically enhancing every dream.
The alien can make amends somehow.
Drifting through the intimately real.
Touching close to all we really feel.

Multiple, the images withstand investigation.
Interposed, they wax and wane in us.
Dispersed amid the many, it all seems
to build upon itself, in tiers. As all
we fear appears to be so very imminent.

Invaded by an alien. The fear and then the fall.
Liquidly, the walls are melting down.
As heatedly, the steam insists on rising
into those extremes again. We weave it
as we bend it into focused apparitions
of a past we just can't live into again.

Merciful, a winged angel sends a miracle.
The devil leaps upon its wings
and takes it straight to hell.
The dead don't have to listen
to the tolling of the bell,
so alien...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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