The American Dream

Mother love and apple pie.
A liberty dependent on
a love that never died.
Community was born of
an enthusiastic repartee,
predating the communication
industry of wireless cacophony.

Father coping with
the world out there.
Mother tending hearth and home
where comfort was the tone.
What happened to those old,
supposed golden days or yore?
Craving more and more,
they slipped away.

Boredom cloned could
not atone the deeper needs
of fire's desire inside.
Inflation came and built itself
a fortress of restrained,
and thus ambiguous inequity.

The warmth and charm of home
have been ignited in the heat.
Rusty nails lying in a heap.
Ashen-faced, they never could
delete the harm created.
The once sweet atmosphere
became polluted by one-sided
draughts of fame and industry.

The dream would never be
reality. Happiness became
no more than just another
spending spree. Money lent,
they bent and broke the bonds
of honesty. Blinded by a focus
that had lost locality, they found
they couldn't see where they'd
gone wrong.

The dream once found was lost again,
for loving doesn't live there anymore...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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