The Conqueror

Ambition born of loss of love.
A mighty tale and true.
One lonely heart that lost its way
and brought dominion home to stay.

He conquered everything but his own heart.
The avalanche became a blur of pain.
He never saw her loving eyes again.
They say he was no more than just a man.

They dare not speak of something less
as long as his hand holds the whip.
He never found another love
and rued that deep, dark moment of defeat.

Morning came. He stood to greet the sun.
Without her, nothing in the world was fun.
He'd turned away for just a moment.
Turning back, he'd found his love was gone.

It never was a matter of return.
Late at night, he'd watch the fire burn.
Seeking out one little, tiny flame.
Time and time again, he found it simply wasn't there.

In the end, he conquered so much more
than just her beating heart.
He ruled it all as if he were a king.
And still, the million eyes of adoration
could not bring her loving heart
and soul back home...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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