The Daisies Are Free

White roses and lilacs.
The daisies are free.
She choked on their humanity.
Early morning, papers spread
across the bench that was her bed.

The dawning sky became
a truly everlasting high.
The daisy that she'd found
within the park was sparkling.

Prismed hues of sun-split moods.
Her spirit sought the warmth of home
for good. A golden cross impressed
upon her breast. Remembering
the best that life could be.

White roses and lilacs.
The daisies are free.
She bled through their humanity.
Early morning, peace divine.
A time for love had come again
at last.

It held her as she faltered
on those shattering last breaths.
Stroked her hair, her eyes, her brow.
Promising an ever-now of life
within the peace of paradise.

Love was nigh.
A final sigh.
So sweet the peace,
become a dream again...

? Michaelette ?

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All Rights Reserved
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