The God Game
(Of Positive Mental Attitudes and Denial of Emotive Tendencies)

Control it all. Pretend you're God.
Create and then destroy the mob.
Give and take, but don't look now -
The crowd has turned on you somehow.

Enraged, they've risen up again.
Down with authority, and then
They're coming after you.
Janus-faced, they know just what you do.

Blood and lust and then the sacrifice.
Play the odds and don't think twice.
Wash your hands and turn and walk away.
Righteously, refuse to let them live another day.

Tower over everything.
Cower in the days of spring
When love is in the air and truth abides.
Leave honor only for the very wise.

Pick and choose and judge, condemn.
Adored, laugh as you punish them.
Blame them for the many wrongs conceived.
Do not explain - insist that they believe.

Rise high and cold into the sky.
Your presence is an alibi.
Confuse - the lies are echoing rebound.
Become the tone, an echoed pain of sound.

Reach out and strike, but never love.
Call yourself an expert of
Good and bad and life and death.
Soothe them with your poison breath.

Play the game, become a god.
Experiment with cattle prods.
Doctor, where - the healing you claim to sell?
Make them swallow more of your compounded chemicals.

Conquer and divide, they say.
Cut and slice and throw away
The best that any one alone could be.
Punish them for authenticity.

Surprise them with a miracle.
Take it back, begin to kill.
Death to birth, control it all
Deny their love and keep them small.

The games of god are won and lost.
Living death the only cost.
Compute the many prayered pleas
And force them back unto their knees.

Daddy doesn't live here anymore.
Mommy hits her head against the wall.
The world of man will not accept
The independence of her sex.

Control it all. Pretend you're God.
Create and then destroy the mob.
Angel, you're the devil's advocate.
Your feathered wings are a confederate.

The love of god was never love at all.
Reality is of the earth.
You reach into the universe
and see your image in the large and small.

You cannot quite recall just what it means
To stand at center point of those extremes.
The truth is multifaceted, depending on your eyes.
The real just cannot live your endless lies.

Control it all. Pretend you're God.
Sacrifice your only son.
Treat your daughters as a something less.
Never dare confess the way you feel.

Call it real and fade away.
Breathe into another day.
Tell yourself that you are blessed,
Then cry yourself to sleep.

The truth is lying deep within your heart.
Deity is more than just a spark.
Man is not the greater of the sexes.
Muscle-bound does not mean better suited.

In the image of god, you act like a jerk.
Tell a lie, receive a perk.
Women's lib was only make-believe.
Let them now conceive the work-a-day.

Play the role of man and then
Come home to tend the children when
You notice that he's whacking off again.
This time it is with your best friend.

Wash and iron, mend his shirt.
A little sleep, then go to work.
Cook a meal, mediate.
He's whizzing on the toilet seat again.

Take a stand, and leave him flat.
No money is the aftermath.
No matter anything that you achieve.
Remarried, he flows on as if a breeze.

Honor, faith, and dignity.
Sold! To the highest bidder.
Love and care, maturity.
He takes the sweet and leaves the bitter.

Turn around - he gives the females that.
Control it all. Pretend you're God.
The emptiness lies in your heart.
Daddy doesn't live here anymore...

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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