The Light

She is as if a little child again.
Existing in ecstatic realms
where all the colors blend.
Rainbow bright, the light
shines through her soul.
An ancient ruse of all we do not know.
In sync with sun and moon and tides
of desperate delight.

Her body dwindles, reaching for
another shape and form.
Holding tight, the letting go begins.
It never had to mean the end at all.
Voices of her loved ones
call in poignant lullabies.
And all the many tears she cried,
redeem the living alibis of love.

Shallow beat of heart grown weak.
Too often now, an emptiness
that looks out from her eyes.
As if the skies were settling in her.
Reality become a blur of faded photographs.
The math begins to multiply itself.
Cells growing toward finality, it seems.
Yet still - she dreams the heavens of forever
into weaves of starlit schemes tonight.

Goodbye is not the end of living minds.
Closure comes as doors are opened wide.
All that used to dwell inside
is reaching out for more.
The past can never be restored,
yet future days of ecstasy exist.
To feel another moment of pure bliss.
And then her spirit takes to flight.

The light - the light
is calling her back home...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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