The Quest

Lingering - the quest of the eternal feminine.
No sudden, bright ascent will do for her.
Still, the night, and mesmerizing, whispering
the truth within our dreams. Breaking through
within each morning's mood. Subtle, all the
changes that she brings, while singing all those
ancient lullabies.

"Close your eyes and find your rest in me."
Magnetized, the dreams that come alive
at the command of simple presence.
Awakening is not an easy thing, not when
the matrix of all mind begins to sing.

Hypnotic trance of repetitious motion.
Breathing in and out is all you need.
Suddenly, you're floating in a silent
sea of stars. Attracted and repelled,
all in a glance. They never really
had a chance at all.

Emotion rushing through you like
an ocean's waves that reach
a golden shore. Sand glimmering
within an opening. Enchantingly,
the spell goes on and on within
a rhythm and a beat that is compelling.

Slow and sure, then high with might,
the wave is breaking now. Swept away,
the thoughts of day are cowering within
a secret cave. Creatures of the deep
rise up to make an offering. A visit
to the temple of the night while light
is shining everywhere.

Within the whiteness lies the glare
that blinds and binds their sight.
"Tis then the angel dares to enter in.
"Close you eyes and see it all again."
She coaxes them to see it all this time.
Light and dark that swirl within each other.
Sparks of darkness dancing with the light.
And then she shows you how to take to flight.

Slow and easy, whirling within the melting swirls.
Becoming one with ever-changing hues
of pure delight. One perspective that allows
the right and wrong to carry on. The only
theme within this stream lies in the utter
balance of it all. Large and small
from far and near, are gathered here
to hear the prophecies.

Knowing never was an easy thing.
Lingering - the quest of the eternal feminine.
Close your eyes and find the light within...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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