The Veil

When the veil between the worlds is lifted...
Who will dare to cross again, unto the other side...?
We search the world wide for living answers,
yet rarely heed the questions that we ask.
Another truth presents itself - we gasp in recognition.
Then wonder through the years of our abstention.
Thinking that the truth was only our imagination.

Critical - the moments of our strife. When reaching out,
we find there is dimension to the misty side of life.
To touch, to feel, to know that it is real - diaphanous,
yet surely sentient. Beings of tomorrow that still
live the yesterday. Spirits of the heartbeat of the earth.
Monstrous claims to modern fame can hold no power here.
Moments when the whole is made so clear.
Touching close, we breathe to blend into the atmosphere.

'Tis then the dreams begin to enter in. Colors merging,
form imbued, with an ambiance of miracles come true.
Then watch the veil drift back down - living now,
upon the other side...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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