To Flight

Golden dragon, take to flight.
Close your eyes and magnify the sight of all this wonder.
Air rushing past, become the flow.
One ray of light refracting
in the endless facets of a jewel's glow.
Boldly etching dreams across the sky.

Star bursting with the brilliance of all flame.
Take me there, where air becomes the essence of it all.
Magic flight above the groundedness.
Angels dream, as spirits stream into the natural.
And here the flight becomes more real than rock.

More than a touch, we flow together,
reaching deep into the height of soul.
Here, we grasp the whole and let it go
within the flow of flight - that turns
the wrong back to the right again.

Effortless, the glide begun,
when earth and sky become just one.
Stupendous flight of light divine
when you are there and there is mine.
Through and with, not stand beside.
The opposites have always danced like this.

One kiss, and then the ecstasy must be reality.
Just fold your wings and dream of flying high.
The moon, aglow in indigo, will guide you on your way,
to realms where lovers come and linger on in unity.
The love we need is there, within the dream...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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