Two As One

Standing on the line of demarcation.
Feeling both the either and the or.
Not knowing just how long she could hang on.
Insanity is just another endless step away.
Even death can't hold its marker there -
the known world disappears.

She never knew what hit her,
all she felt was loneliness.
It all happened in the flicker of a star.
Near became so very far away.
But all she missed
came back to her that day.

The more she tried to think, the more
the pain would be increased.
It didn't hurt, her giving in that way.
Fields of wild flowers waiting for her to begin -
her endless journey far away from
all the sin that man made real in her.

Playing with the angels, a new world
was born in her. There was nothing left
to fear, and life went on. Dazzling, the light
of sun upon her withered skin, just before
her love returned to her.

And there, within the mists,
the final vow was acted out.
Two as one, in one eternal kiss.
Ah the bliss they might have shared
for all the years they never dared
to kiss that way within their earthly forms...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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