Unknown Paradox

The unknown paradox is on the rise again.
You never know just when or how it chooses to appear.
An opposite that's bent on taking over everything.
A feeling that can't be controlled by will.

It's more than just emotion that's at play,
as it begins to take us over night and day.
Illusions of the psyche become real in an obsession.
An attitude of roles we play - the way they make us feel.

A wealth of subtle images, at core.
Painfully, they always reach for more.
When first aroused, the opposites
are rarely known to compliment an other.

At best perhaps, they bring a sense of wonder.
Then once again, an opposite begins to pull us under.
At worst, we're shattered into particles, somehow
unhinged, from all we used to think ourselves to be.

Identity is not an always thing.
Transitions are as normal as another cyclic spring.
They always come, no matter what we will.
At times, the changes seem apocryphal.
Filled with eerie images of suffering and death.

As the world we thought we knew is sent
into another spin. At first, it may have seemed a gain,
but then the old reality returned just long enough
to slap us in the face. As what we thought was
grace turns back around, mocking us through
long and lonely days of solitude.

Medical professionals will give it many names.
As if to name it ever changed the desert into
moist and growing jungle-land again. And no
matter what they claim, their theories never
really healed anything at core.

Mind over matter worked for just a little while.
Yet held in its extremes, they all forgot
just how to smile. A memory of joy advances,
feelings of the dance of life they used to live
in feelings of an innocence long gone.
They slam the door and choose to think
themselves superior again.

Days and months and years go by. They live
their alibis. Counting houses overflowing with
the things they own. At night, instead of sleeping
though, they find themselves at odds with something
other in themselves. Sweat-soaked, they rise and
pace the floor again.

The remedies that used to aid, have faded in
their power. The hours are dark and lone and long.
What in the day seems strong becomes the might
of nightmare images that haunt them as they toss
and turn, too wide awake to fade
into the dream.

The doctors call it "stress" or 'change of life' -
generically enhanced - and offer yet more pills.
Yet still, the ills that plague them take control.
They used to think that if they couldn't see
or feel it, it must not be real. But now
they feel the difference in the overwhelming
strength of those extremes that plague their
nights and days within a state of great unrest.

For the unknown paradox is on the rise again.
In the years of its suppression, it has gained
all of the strength. And all the love we ever
lost is screaming out of neediness and loss.
There, inside their great prosperity.
Toxic poison living in between.

You never know just when or how it chooses to appear.
Lovers walking hand in hand. A mother with her
babe in arms - beyond the state of general alarm.
Some know it true. A cool wind blowing over this,
the ever-loving land. Then suddenly, its rising up again.

An opposite that's bent on taking over everything.
A chain of feelings overriding one's control by will.
A strange knew pressure in the chest that speaks
of gestures of the kindly and the meek. There was
a time we used to speak together just that way.

It's more than just emotion that's at play,
as it begins to take us over night and day.
Illusions of the psyche become real.
The roles we play, the way they make us feel.

Expanded states of consciousness.
Real or drug induced? There is a difference.
The schemes of men, religious themes.
The evil and the good. Do the devils and the angels
understand the pull of flesh on all we do?

There is a 'source of life' that lies beyond division.
Genderless, it sees us as pure soul.
Divided, minds are swinging like a pendulum
that moves them, back and forth and up and down
without appeal. Look deeper still - into the core.
Darkness streaming into one small light.
Concentrate the focus even more.
And watch the light expand into forever.

Quite suddenly, the something more
you always sought is here.
Nothing ever seems the same again.
But oh the feel, as heaven reaches
deep into reality again.

Walk into the golden mists of spirit's healing.
Stardust glowing through the brightest moon.
Tingling, each cell absorbs the mystery anew.
Indigo turns to a pastel blue.
And red into a misty pink that never
stops to think what love's about.

And all the condemnation melts away.
Centering, this point of immortality becomes
the greatest dream. It lives itself through us,
yet at the most, all we can say is that
it is. And so are we.

I am - you are. The stars shine bright.
There is a light that loves eternally.
Just let it be, and it will be there
just for you, eternally alive...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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