High and low, the voices stream
from somewhere in between.
Not quite heard, the thoughts
too often streaming through our brains.
Mine or yours...? Or thought by yet an other...?
Who dares intrude into our minds this time?
Identifying essence is a wonder
that is only found within one's self, alone;
and still, it makes us wander far and wide
from this one center point where
heart and soul abide.

What lies there, on the other side, for real...?
Mind and matter moving in a balance.
Yin and yang approaching modern language
To steal again into the ancient fables of the ages.
Just Listen to the feelings streaming through.
They'll taunt you and they'll tease you
till at last, you make a move. Lost sleep
becomes a blessing, heaven sent; as all
your soul is bent upon deliverance
from all the pain you felt.

Let it unfold itself at night, just as the
stars begin to shine that bright in you.
Release the images that taunt you so.
The world is aglow in moonlit wonder.
Tonight, just let it soak into your soul.
And listen to the whispering
that silence always brings.

High and low, the voices stream
from somewhere in between.
Anciently the sirens always whisper
in our dreams. Asleep, awake, it
matters not. The only thing that
matters, is to keep on listening -
to all that heart and soul still bring
to be...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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