What Lives Here Now?

Another new peak of desperation.
Empty valleys of despair are never
really left behind. You pace yourself.
Input and output generated in
a helter-skelter fashion. Until
one day, it all breaks down again -
at just that moment when you thought
you'd finally found it all.

Inflated - all the dues we're made to pay.
Homes built, but children never wish to stay.
And all the while, an emptiness is building
from the fullness of their lives. Overdue,
a sense of restoration. Far away, the feel
of all the love they used to live. They find
the many roles they used to play so well
are really empty too.

There is nothing left to do that hasn't
already been done. The feel of new
no longer holds a thrill. Buy another
item, and then throw it all away. Love
just doesn't live here anymore. The tears
they cry become ambiguous. No matter
where they look, there is a horror greater
than the one that they now feel.

Each day, the news and movies show them more.
And they spend their time denying that they
just don't want to live this way - not anymore.
They search the eyes of strangers in a crowd -
hope against all hope that something
newly born of innocence might find
its way into their hearts again. And then,
the same old scenes repeat themselves again,
ad infinitum.

Find another thrill - no matter who it kills.
Bathe yourself in power while the hours
of your life are eaten up. Pretend the
things you think you own will always be
enough to see you through. And yet,
no matter what you do, that same old
emptiness is beating in your heart.

Start another project, never finished.
Eat another meal - all too soon relieved,
and still according to degrees.
Basically, what have we all achieved?
Seek to find the truth, and then discover
that the base is just a million other lies.
Add another digit to the score.
Reel then, in dizziness, while all the
credit balance is computed. The joy
of life has been somehow diluted.

Another new peak of desperation.
Empty valleys of despair have not
been left behind. You pace yourself.
Another race to run, but you are tired.
Life energy, in effort spent, that never
really brought a just reward. Why is it
love just doesn't seem to live there anymore...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2001 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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