When the Heat Lingered

Nothing could feel right in that vast,
heavy ocean of humidity. Even
brain cells swelled within the utter
hold of its captivity.

Melting melody of days gone by
keeps playing somewhere
deep within the mind.
Seek and reach beyond the fear
that used to hold you down.

Air conditioned silence and the taste
of moldy cheese, does nothing to appease
the mood you're in. The whirring of an
oscillating fan. Sunday printed
marriage in the bans. The comics
aren't funny anymore.

A bow, a vow, a promised golden ring.
Another haunting melody to sing.
It's harder still, to be yourself,
with mobs of people clustering about,
telling you - you ought to be like them.

Movies deal with atrocities and great,
unspeakable emotion. Life used to be
about devotion. Now, in vivid colors
rivers flow in scarlet red, and the energy
can't move through deadened spines.
Eyes fixed into a stare that's blind.
Mouth opened in a scream divine.
Image of the terror screaming
through the air these days.

They used to love the rolling of the dice.
The games were plagued with too much spice.
Honor was a given, way back when.
Then came the time when winning made
them feel so very lost. Undiagnosed,
a virus of the mind was closing in.
For someone else began to say we sinned.

Repertoire, anemones dance gracefully
within the swaying seas. Knowing nothing
of the economic mess of our societies.
The feeling pure and free.
Breathe in and out and close your mind.
Don't listen to the haughty minds
that think they know it all.

Pain - it always comes back to the pain.
Moments changing, one by one,
that somehow stay the same.
Freedom lost, and every move
become excruciating pain.
They cry and yet, an ocean
full of tears won't heal all of this.

They run away, but then return.
Too much heat, the fires burn.
Focus bent in ways that made
their hearts and souls decay.
Trivia that warps the mind
will earn the biggest buck.

An angel whispers in their ear
of all the love they chose to
leave behind. Heat lingering
too long these days, the barriers
of moisture in the air - alas,
the whispering was never heard.

And then the fateful day began
to live their many fears.
Nothing could feel right in that vast,
heavy ocean of humidity.
Helpless waiting was the great decree.
Heat lingering and waiting
for the breaking of the storm...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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