Within the Dream

The faeries have stopped dancing.
The elves are hiding high within the trees.
Where once there was a harmony,
now war.

Yet, amid the screaming, there
were angels crying out. Sacrifice was
never wise at all. So many of the
innocent are bound to take the fall.

The world weeps. The earthen spirit
speaks in metaphor. Asking only that
we care a little more. More than man
has ever cared before.

Within the dream, we see it all at once.
Immensely small, the powerful grow weak.
Hearts beat, but now an agony is there.
Insisting that we must become aware.

Aware of every nuance in the roles
we choose to play. Aware of how
we breathe them in and how the
airwaves crave more nourishment.

Aware that in our little lives, the ripples
turn to waves; moving out forever
as we pray. And here, the angels
come to speak again.

Reminding us that all we wish must
bring another end to that beginning.
Showing us the ease of flight, as white
on white, they move into the light.

Caring not for names, they never dared
to stay the same. For light is purest
energy in motion. Bringing forth
the greatest transformations.

In stillness, all the tension built.
Unbearably, it raged within its cage.
Pretending to be nothing much at all.
Until the strength was tendered in reward.

Patiently, the water dripped through all
the many cracks. Until one day, the
dam just burst again. The many couldn't
find a way to mend it.

Quietly, a melody began. One tiny voice
amid the roaring crowd. It sang of love
and held forget-me-nots. Then tenderly,
the heavens opened out from deep within.

Enchantingly, the melody became a
slow, sweet hum. Enveloping dimensions
where all loving is begun. Flowing in a
steady stream through fields of green and gold.

Blue, the skies; and white, the clouds.
Increasingly, the dark ones came to wither.
Feelings spent; the heavens bent
on loving all the way.

Subtly, the magic seeped into the many
hearts; that wept within the silent scream
of sirens moving on. And faeries danced
that one great dream, within their ring again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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