Your Own Choice

For so very long I told myself
that you would come to see the light -
but I was wrong. And all that used to
seem so strong between us has just
withered in all future's dawns -
by your own choice.

That voice of truth that we once shared,
is withered and so bare, within you now.
For denying love, you have denied the truth -
within your soul. And it all has grown too old
to take another living, moving breath in you.
For you have sacrificed your love for things
that never could prove true in the eternal
realms of being and of love.

There are times when this exquisite empathy
that dwells in me, still reaches out to see, if
by some chance, you might have really changed.
But nothing real has changed in you at all -
not even now. You took the fall, back to
that past familiarity, and placed it in the space
where all the loving used to be. And there is
nothing I can do to alter that. For you, yourself,
wrote that decree - in black and white
that never knew the mysteries of love
and that commitment we once shared.

And so it is, and it remains -
by your own choice...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2002 MLR Enterprises
All Rights Reserved
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