A Forest Sleeping

Magical, a forest sleeping
underneath the snow
oblivious to what we know as cold;
consciousness sunk deep
beneath white fields
of icy concentration.

The moon looks down,
before the sun has even set,
upon a net of trails set
within a vastness of pure white.
Tracks left by animals
and thus the core of nature
still evolving within man.

Icy dips enhancing dancing light
where furrows in the earth
await the seeds and seedlings of all spring -
like ripples of satin staining the sky
in crystalline reflection,
just before the light sinks low
below that vast horizon;

As faintly, nature calls us back
into the greater womb of her creation,
condensing all the sunlight
into glowing, golden beams
for the moon looks down
and out and over,
magnetically attracted
and attracting everything.

And magically, a forest sleeping,
begins to waken in a warmth
that only love can bring;
as the wind is made to sing
through branches
reawakening within this dream
of life . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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