A Healing Tone

How healing a tone can be
drifting through a whispering breeze
gently calling down this energy
of the love of all eternity
within this time and space divine
chiming in the climbs of déjà vu.

We move, we breathe;
we touch, we tease.
We kiss, oh bliss of ecstasy!
And then the breeze moves on
in currency's invisibility
breathing love into the air
creating skies so fair
the sun must sing a rhapsody
of living consciousness;

known and undeniable,
sensuous and viable,
one tone that lightly reaches down
and leads us on to realms
that touch us in a way
we never came to feel before -
for the door to all eternity
is melting open.

Electric hues begin to fill
a skylight of eternal blue
creating auras deep and rich
dazzling eyes in their effect
gently calling loving to the fore
where evermore this healing tone
lives on and on . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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