A Little Bit of Everything

A little bit of everything,
remix of the greatest songs of all,
nudging thinking past the edge
into insanity as light fantastic
smudges all the edges in between
and blurs what we once thought to be
a clarity of moving, breathing forms.
Llife itself again is born anew.

Edibly irreverent,
the taste of tongue on tongue,
as worlds are respun and rearranged
and every change becomes the one
to push us past another brink,
where thinking simply
can't be done at all.

But oh, the errant feelings streaming
as the fear of ages seeks release,
defying death to live just one more
painful, unappealing breath
as demons cling to unangelic wings
and leave their mark indelibly.

As a little bit of everything
comes home again within this dream
of startling unreality we live
and the matrix of all mind collapses
freeing us to be a breeze
that blows through everything . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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