Altered Distance

Distance seems to alter our perception,
as space invades our systems of belief,
blinding us in incandescence
thought to be of manmade hands
that seek no more than a libation
to ease those feelings of insanity.

Yet we were never meant to follow
within a herd of cloning loneliness,
nor can a sense of separation
ever deem itself complete,
for at this time of utter evolution
the powers of our souls are reaching,
teaching of pure tides of our unbeing.

Where all that seems unique becomes
no more than just a tributary
streaming from the river of what is;
as all that is, speaks out in chimes
uttering a harmony of rhythm,
beseeching all humanity to hear.

How tone relives and thus relieves
all sense of separation or division,
and dives beyond the height of mind
to find itself alive and growing
in themes of cyclic springs
that simply must arrive again
within a sense of infinite delight . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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