Archetypal Fonts

Vibrations bring all meaning
into forms of utter being.
High and low, they intermesh
within a sense of total unity;
bringing every separation
into a sense of incantation
scathing paths of destiny
by ways of pure divinity.

Magically, they swirl and blend
the feelings of all innocence
into its realm of utter knowingness;
where wisdom speaks at last in words
that surge in sounds resounding
through each particle and cell of flesh,
sculpted by the matrix of untime,
that incubates and nurtures all of life.

As oceans of emotion swell
insisting they no longer dwell
completely in an undertow
that never comes to know itself,
within a sense that dolphins
swim completely back to life,
in a push of power so oft' against the tides.

An image of Apollo brought to life,
so long ago that minds have swelled,
begins to reach the deeps
that speak in utter creativity
of realms found in the deepest sleep;
where Poseidon must arise
yet one more time.

As archetypal fonts of living variation
lying at the core of all significance
infest the sense of mind as dry
within a tidal flood of femininity;
once thought to be a demon's hell
now rediscovered in a realm
of magic-making, life-enflaming
utter sense of loving creativity. . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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