A Space Beyond

The purity of whiteness
turns again to slushy gray
for earthen color will not be
concealed for very long
and the sun is singing
songs of pure delight,
that brighten up the dour fantasy
of life within a time and place
that ever moves into a space
beyond conceptions
of what everyday should be.

As a silent symphony that plays
through endless nights and days
(of one concordance found within
an ever-reaching seeking of a sound),
moves it all in magnitudes of waves -
vibrations spinning tapestries
that leave all care behind -
flows of energy into a clarity of air
and winds that blow in sparkling gusts;

To move away the gray
of seeming gloominess
and find again a silvery glint
that lies beyond these ever glowing
moonlit tides where love
will e'er abound . . .


Revised 8/2/2001
Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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