Crystal Teardrop

Between the right and wrong,
a teardrop falls;
one crystal tear that speaks
in the expression of it all,
uttering like silent mist
of all that could have been,
if only we had learned
to love again

One tiny, silent tear that weeps
and tears apart the world we knew,
shattering, as cheek to lip
we fall into the truth of our emotion;
that feels our loss unaltered
by all we thought we used to know,
learned withinin a world that rarely
spent a cent on loving innocence
or dared to cry aloud
of all the dire feelings
of its fear's imprisonment.

Until one silent teardrop falls,
unraveling the walls of our defense
and the world is made to spin again
within an ultraviolet ray, that sees
into the shadows superceding surety;
just where that child inside still hides
from the sense of its own vulnerabilyt,
that lives within a scale of gray
(never seen as black or white)
but somehow in between the great
extremes of dark and light;

Waiting there to be revealed
just when release is imminent
to send one crystal teardrop
falling, calling heart back to
these lives of ours again . . .


Revised 8/2/2001
Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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