Dawn's Arrival

Once again, the dawn arrives;
mind is discombobulated,
arising in a state of love
that dreams itself complete

Melding into channels
that redeem an utterance
of dreams of night,
unfolding within light,
insisting on these words
of understanding now.

As dew begins to speak
into another early morning song
of birds that sing all being back
within their sense of life,
freeing nature to become
itself again in consciousness.

Inebriated by the sight
of rainbows taking flight;
streaming in a circularity of beams
that sunlight brightly brings again
to the core of all emotion
in transcendence.

As every moment known before
is opening, just now,
into a future ever bent
on receiving dawn's arrival
within that infinite and carnal
lust for the muskiness
of dusk in thee again. . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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