Deep Into Eternity

Where is it you go
when you cease to exist...?
Even as you stand in front of me
becoming vapors of a mist
composed of other times and places,
spacing out and entering another
plane of being.

Tapping, tapping, gently wrapping
every ear within a sense of touch,
edging closer to eternal openings
where spirits sing in breezes high,
lowering its knowing erudition.

Beginning then
a reformation of all mind,
where poets climb to find
the simple words of all complexity;
feeling their way through the mists
that gently kiss their hands awake
to take a dizzy, spinning leap
into the abyss that all height creates.

When existence simply ceases
to be seen as singularity;
as smashingly, these atoms leap
to reach the peak descent of their arousal,
where streams of feelings find a tongue
in spoken words of their awakening;
while angels sing a story of all glory
flying deep into eternal cells
of flesh reborn . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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