Destination Unknown

Excitement stirring,
blurred the moving countryside.
The clash of wheels on tracks became hypnotic;
and freedom streamed, so strong and true,
it seemed that this must be eternity's beginning;
as I moved away from home in increments
and miles and miles of land
I'd never known before
expanded in the reach of
its sensational perception,
moving slowly toward a peak of pleasure
never known within this form before.

There were those, such as myself,
on new adventures,
and those who traveled back
to what they called their home;
yet one on one, our spirits joined together
time passing in unaided unison - knowing
these pure moments of departure
from the norm, as each of us became
no more than just a particle
of something greater, grander,
than we'd ever known before.

States absorbed their boundaries
as we passed by, and the sky began
to show itself in infinite endurance;
while cities breached the peacefulness
of fields and trees, scurrying in hurried
resurrection of an unplanned destiny
as indescribably, we sought
to see beneath the mystery
reaching, as of one pure spirit,
for a destination lying
strictly out of bounds of time and space.

'Twas then the dusk descended, moving day
out of the way - that night might then ascend,
transcending itself in the warp of a consistency
that bled itself asleep into
a realm of ever waking dreams,
in infinite rekindling of a vagrant spirit's fire;
as if one great emotion of desire roused itself
within a merging atmosphere of incongruity,
and deigned to feel itself into our atmosphere.

Voices quieted themselves
as conversation stopped,
accenting an accordance found only in
a unity of great variety, that seeded
visionary aptitude to bloom;
then a slowing, stoppage of this train
of make-believe conceived to be
reality for just a span of time, yet more -
mere grain of sand in deserts storming
endlessly to sea - this voyage to eternity
itself expanded time into a space untold.

Night fell hard upon the softness of a starlit glow
until the moon, suspended in the indigo, took flight;
when fields were seen as ghostly resurrections
and we, mere travelers, seemed to pass right through
what every field held as indescribably important -
the seed, the sprout, the season of all growing things
that hum and sing in utterance of harmony
just as the wheels clacked in rhythm
o'er the tracks of time and history.

Introspected, all that seemed outside
became the marrow, living core, even as
tomorrow slept itself awake within one soul;
while awareness held in tight abeyance, opened
so completely that a dazzling affect of light
encompassed all the night
within a brilliance of expectancy
knowing that this too, would come to pass
and then the hiss, as engines moved
to stoke advance again slowly,
surety within surrender,
the journey held in an abeyance
that sought movement, in and of itself,
to come alive again.

Oh, sleepless night of memory repeating
was it you who brought the golden dawn to light?
as fields of green and golden sunlit dew foretold
the glory of an imminent arrival of all rainbows
in multi-hued significance of satiation - prisms
bending, blending, bleeding sight of light divine,
just as another day begin within an insurrection
of the darkness dwelling, centered in each cell.

The heart contains eternities of loving memories
within each look, each glance, each touch
every word we dare to speak in its expression
of universal tapestries foretelling
passage into realms that seem invisible,
yet they find themselves within each utterance,
as life is born and form is moved
to tell a tale of pure magnificence;
even now, before the destination comes to sight,
each moment completing itself as it moves
to an unaltered sense of all of life,
that hopes and dreams
no more than the completion
of the unknown distance of all destiny . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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