Echoes of Light

Echoes of light
in the mists are unfurling,
curling the dampness
in hues of wind-whipped, wispy trails -
shadows of reality that play
with all we know by day;
curtailing the brightness
of a light that shines too bright
to ease the eyes,
as night begins to settle in,
streetlights standing out
within the stark of midnight dew.

And the stars abide
in heavens' arching o'er us all,
be it in the bright of day
or dusk that fades into the night,
living side by side
with streetlights entering in
aiding and abating
all the mists of our unknowing;
and the eyes of understanding
watch each swirling dream
compose itself as so much more
than just itself alone could ever be.

The vastness of the endless snow
is melting into everything,
in a feeling wet and glorious.
Chilly, but not cold enough
for the hardened stance of ice,
for spring is heard to sing
in memory of recent future
calling softly in the wind,
whispering in hopeful feelings
found in the eternnity of cycles.
These lives must now
redeem themselves,
in a state of infantile senility,
incubating seeds of all
that now might come to be,
if only we would heed
our soul's enchantment;

Allowing all that's meant to be
to live within a backwash
of a million dreams that need no more
than just to be allowed
to now come true.
Just as the early morning dew
offers up its sacrifice
of life to crystallizing light,
echoing throughout
these hazy days and nights
that lead into the ecstasy
of the purest ebony;
hiding in the dawn of morn
that makes our spirit sing again.

Listen - can you hear it . . . ?
Playing in the whispers of the winds
that bring all scents and sense of life
back to deliverance,
awakening desire deep
to keep us moving on a path
that leads to endless seeds
of futures planted by the source
of all awareness.

Seeking, ever seeking to receive
each particle of its creation
then glowing, softly flowing back
into the gentle arms of love again . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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