Elliptically Enhanced

Elliptical orbits, concentric at core
embellishing mind with a feeling of space
that empties itself in the warp and the wake
of a vibrant flow of oceanic undertows
and so we meet at last,
within the distance of all shores
ever moving further from diminishment of truth,
to find our youth an everlasting
state of vibrant energy
repeating endlessly through all horizons,
shrinking only in a sense of sight that's cubed,
reverberating in a feel too miniscule to focus on.

The moon begins to bleed the light out of the sun
as stars sing everyone back to the dream of dreams.
Closer and closer, they come from afar
as only seedlings of the stars are wont to do
beaming through a stream of loving energy
that washes through the currents of all air
to bare at last its universal message of the source
of joy unfolding into forms of living motion.

Eclectic bits of wisdom blend and merge,
never knowing anything at all except the fall
of that beheld in patterned memories.
Elliptically enhanced, they dance and twirl
into the lives we live, but most of all
into the love we dare to give out in return,
cycling through innocence unlived.

Eccentric fog, a mist, a faery-tale made real
Elliptically enhanced - it's here to stay . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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