Endless Hope

Protected from the outside world
as snow and cold and ice reform
the social attitudes that join us all
in often odd and awkward combinations
that seem to bring dis-ease
to peak performance.

Yet now, in just this moment,
secluded in a quiet solitude,
feelings bend and twist themselves
back to a state of innocence;
as particles that float upon the wind
arise again in vivid memories
of times gone by.

Just when an endless hope arises,
well acquainted with the night
and lullabies are made to play
upon a vagrant breeze.
They ease us into dreamy sleep
and realms of fantasy -

Where mists unfurl into themselves,
allowing intuition to join in,
and worlds being to spin and tilt -
filling mind with destined ambiguity,
awakening again to see a world
encased in golden light,
sparkling in snowy innocence.

When endless hope
begins to seed
the warmth of spring
into the white of snow . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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