Eternally to Form

Ebony replete within completion
as stars and moon stream through
a sinking depth of spaciousness.
Intimate, the night unfolds,
unfurling glowing depths of dark's ascent,
in particles of flesh aflame
within a height of base desire.

While all that is concealed within the light
of sun (too bright to be beheld within
the innocence of mortal eyes),
becomes a sense of shadows
playing endlessly throughout these lives,
where man and woman dwell as one
within a deep and everlasting harmony.

For Camelot was more than just a dream,
even in erroneous denial of the zone
where kings and queens still strive,
within a sense of energy alive and growing,
to rule these moods of fantasy untold
still seeking to divide the harmony
but, alas, to no avail at all.

For walls cannot imprison soul
and spirit always finds its way to fly
into this wake of oceanic height
that takes the light, so mesmerizing
bending, blending, weaving rays
again into a tapestry of loving days
when once again, this quest of innocence
dares to takes another chance
and dances with divinity at play,
in a realm of magic faery mists
where all that's in between
can't help but to redeem our known reality -

Within one loving kiss of bliss
beginning in the ending
just as the fall began to rise again
in all that only seemed to come before,
for alternate realities abide
one and the same, still out of bounds of time,
in realms most minds can't seem to tame at all.

As base begins to rise and
flesh is thrust into the fore again
energy, arising in descent
is bent on form's divine deliverance;
creating utter harmony that moves
within the groove and the continuance
of ever-flowing sensuous and sexy undertones
in rhythms that all hearts must come to be
opening into this beat of heart and soul and flesh.

Eternity, this rhythm beating
softly 'tween the harshness we all bear
in a feel of sexual harmony
repeating and creating life
that lives itself eternally to form . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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