Eternity Made Real

She longs for you
with every fiber of her being,
freeing streams of ecstasy
to dance in waves of pure
and e'er delightful symmetry.

Come for you,
she comes for you,
in silky streams of satin cream.
Can you taste the succulence
that only she provides . . . ?

Twirling, swirling,
like a tongue of flame;
settling in place
to pause all time.

Bubbles of relief within
this moisture's soft release,
creating sparkling diadems
of which the purest light might drink
when sinking deep into the feel
of its own depth of presence.

And this presence alters
everything that is,
riding stormy waves
of life's impending tapestry
Holistically, it melts and blends,
fanning all the edges of congruity
into the vastness of a continuity.

Familiar days wash up upon the shore
where twilight opens deep the memory
of incubation, dark and wet and warm;
as fluidly, another night
is born to light the way.

And children play,
the old and young together,
tempered by the balance
of a startled middle groun;d
where ages play
through time and space
becoming only one enticing moment
of an ecstasy divine;

As longing moves itself into desire
touching close, eternity made real
within the very feel
of two that dare to reach
into each other . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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