Feverish, she sleeps amid the sheets.
Blue satin tones seem make-believe
as if the skies themselves descended,
dreaming dreams of fiery heat
in a passion of pure flame, white-hot
that only utmost pleasure brings
in hues of red that sing these
particles of flesh to consciousness.

Daemons play in her imagination,
shadows forming monstrous waves
of all she felt through awesome days
of spirited desire's arrival,
at last allowed to speak aloud
of heat about to be released
into an ice-cold atmosphere.

Swells of passion now repeat
in a frame so small its ambience
bespoke an innocence of sight,
as unuttered ecstasy became
a sound of moaning light,
reverberating in a tone of air -
cross-frequency of waves that felt
astoundingly complete;
as a million stars began to sing
a continuum of rhapsody,
syncopated by her will to be.

Impending happiness exploded,
shattering her world-view,
shaking all she thought she knew
into a form familiarly replete
with so much more
than what she used to think;
within one breath contented
by the sound of its release.

She drank of icy waters overflowing
licking at the core of heat
fueling a mist of pure relief
as pain became a stepping stone
to realms that lay beyond belief
within a well of wisdom's ecstasy
that simply knows; and nothing more
can prove all life's eternal surety.

and feverishly,
sleep began to slide
into the dream . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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