From Deep Within

We've been inculcated, brainwashed
(if you will) by a neurotic, unholy belief system;
claiming that true happiness is somehow
bad or wrong for us to be, when in all honesty
happiness must stem from deep within.
And yet, we stand condemned by cultures
that breed sick in themselves; and teach us
to wonder, while prospering fear
to stop us from reaching in pleasure so dear
for this very personal birthright that we share.

I sense a crystal bubble now arising in us all;
sparkling vibrancy of sensitivity that sings itself
through all that seems most ugly and condemned;
sending all suspicion born of jealousy to sleep,
to dream the dreams of life awakening again,
just when it seemed that all was lost
and that a sense of misery and death
must surely be the sum of life's reality.

When all that is sacred, sends angels to tell
of heavens alive, with no thought of a hell,
and flames ascend in sparkling innocence
upon a springtime breeze so cool
it seems that it must be irreverence itself;
as it pleases everey cell of  flesh
into its utter state of ecstasy,
breathing deeper than it ever dared before
taking in and letting go
so freely cells begin to swell
with the greatest of emotions.

And passion (oh, that deepest want
and will of life itself) brings oceanic waves
to wash our every fear away;
for love is at the core of happiness
and ecstasy now seeks
to glide through all that is alive
and willing to exude its loving tone -
not as a clone of one alone,
or a puppet that extends somehow
from a separate puppeteer -
but instead within a sense of ultimate
and never-ending variation,
that claims the right of all equality to be.

Exquisitely becoming
a uniqueness of exactitude
flowing through the moods
of those judgmental attitudes;
joining high to low within
a sense of in between;
just as angelic daemons start to sing
in heavenly choirs of flame that tame
a wanting will that seeks no more
than power and control -
yet more can never be contained -
it must, like love,
remain a sensual fantasy,
free-flowing through these
forms of our reality at last...


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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