His Absence

She felt his absence
overwhelming everything
she thought herself to be,
as particles remaking her
began the great adjustment
created in their grappling with
nothing more than seeming empty air;
and meaning drifted out of sight
hiding in that touch of him
that simply can't be found
within the the world she still spun.

A sound, one sound -
oh, tone of soul
that loves so grandly
through the cosmic atmosphere.
She never knew how dear
a tone could come to be -
until the echoed silence of alone
begin to ring concentric circles
where once she felt
his intimate embrace.

Oh, the wasted years of her denial
as stark and angry rules
of blind belief came in between,
controlling every move she made
and stifling the songs of love
he always used to sing -
tenor running into base
still seeking the soprano
of a misty femininity.

Oh, power of icy blasts of cold
unfeeling and untold
and never gratified;
She'd lied her way
through ever teaming
stream of steamy nights
when he was there,
disdaining even gusts
of breezy ecstasy
as she willed her flesh
to a consistency
incapable of joyful touch
or the mystery
of shimmering interplay.

But now she felt his absence
overwhelming everything,
and all that she had
thought herself to be
became an empty shell
that masked her pain
as time began to weep itself
in shadows playing on the wall,
where once his loving touch
brought sparkling auras of delight
that died and lay entombed within
the slights of her disdain . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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