I Come for You

I come for you from inside out -
I feel my spirit streaming out
right through the center of your being;
freeing as the sense of flight
as light explodes a million fold
into the deeper dark of indigo,
when the night arrives to drive all care away,
creating myriad hues of dawning traces;
as particles of flesh begin to dance,
composing endless melodies
of uttered ultraviolet consistency.

Indelibly irreverent,
this flesh that speaks
in tongues of its divinity
in time and space;
surrounding and expounding
unseen energies that cannot help
but speak themselves aloud,
within a glance of loving movement
set forever in the pause
of our envisioning embrace.

Holy oils are cast upon
these waters waving out,
gliding through survival states
from lowly to the high;
then settling in silent streams
that teach the ebb and tide
of a current's vulnerability
to all that dwells inside;
as crystal caverns open out,
in flames of diadems
sparkling in the deepest of desires.

This didactic symmetry
emits itself entirely
in a sphere-like reaching out
to all and everything,
while particles become
the waves that crash
and clash into another's way of life
swaying in an ebullience
of windy waters' wake,
knowing that the life at stake
must breathe to be itself.

Yet no matter the cost
of the loss or the gain
nor the feelings that would wax and wane
again and again, in sensations extreme,
I come for you from inside out,
spirit streaming through and through
these abysses and altitudes of flesh . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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