In Tones

Unreal, that feel of utter separation
for we are one just like the sun
that burns in beams through all that is.
There, an errant stream of stardust falling,
speaks in tones of truth upon the wind,
whispering in silent sound
of all that can be seen
through spirit's eyes.

As comprehension takes a dive
into the core, the source of utter being;
replacing doubt with wondering awe
that never sought to know itself at all,
yet sees unending gossamer threads
joining one to everything that is,
in tones of an energic melody
harmonizing all that past
with what is meant to be.

For pale days of make-believe have fled,
and dreams ascend to seed reality
each time we move beyond a blind belief
that stifles what awaits us in
these tones of pure potentiality;
bleeding, feeding channels long forgotten,
whispering in secret mystery
"Be, just be,
this utter synchronicity
of love in motion . . . "


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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