Love's Deliverance

Words flowing through the atmosphere
seek a speech that only utterance
of just one voice can bring;
daring, in a choice of pure ascendance,
transcending time and space and mind
as it moves into the core of just one cell.

Pure utterance of ecstasy,
speaking of all peaks
that yet to have been dared,
as flesh responds in flowing streams,
releasing moisture meant to be
the other half of light that shines too dry.

As still, we seek to find this path
where life swells into interludes
of succulent, unending moods of flesh;
as intellect succumbs, just now
to blinding bursts of light's emotion
diving with a motion of all creativity
to reach the source, still left unnamed
and ever undefined.

The Tao of all speech begins to speak
in tongues of flames that reach,
uplifting base desire to these peaks
of a knowingness that moves
beyond all mind.

Right now, within a point of time
that sings in rhythm's rhyme
and words of atmospheric pressure
of a meaning past all time and space
within this mood of love
and its deliverance of pain-filled passion,
drawing us into and yet beyond, into creation
insisting that this tapestry
of loving ecstasy
become the known of all reality . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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