Love Unspent

Anger flashed again to blinding rage,
unseemly for her age
of unconcerned compassion,
reaching yet not quite arriving,
as another stage in life
sought to be born
within the form of flesh she was.

Disquiet and disruption dwelled
where once he'd stood to quell
her every fear; now disaster lingered there,
and she'd become it's only opposition.
And all that she'd held near and dear
seemed to be misshapen
within a shell-like emptiness.

Walls of one-time safety stood
surrounding all she was
a prisoner within her blind
and blinding attitudes
that moved in moods
beyond her comprehension
arising now, volcanically
commanding the attention
of her soul.

Lashing out, then turning into tears
that streamed through all the many years
she thought would never end;
and now, where new beginnings
ought to be, a sea of tepid memories
played in waves through endless days
and nights spent all alone.

As reality rose, again and again,
within a heart now shattering,
despoiling her self-induced insanity;
just when one spark of pure divinity
began to sparkle, dazzling
the shadows into play.
And hazy memories of
sunny days began to sweep
the sordid vistas of her grieving mind -
as she began to weep for times long gone
in a past she'd never, ever find again.

Dull and listless, mirror-image,
of the eyes she never used to see
staring at her stark reality of flesh and form;
as heartbeats hammered, echoing
to fill her ears with sounds of stormy
seas now on the rise again,
reminding her of how she'd left
the innocence of love unspent
through all the many years
of could have been . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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