Loving Incantation

As mental variation spreads
its havoc in our lives
and tomes of those unspoken rules prevail,
thoughts proceed beyond our will or want -
trying to make sense of sheer insanity
where push and pull still keep us hanging;
dangling o'er the edge,
never daring to look down to see
the fire of desire burning endlessly in us.

Flesh responds, and flesh is mind,
while spirit flies and cracks the skies
of our invulnerability, at first within a sense
of our unmoved, unmoving safety
that is crumbling at the edges;
while still we cling to bring it back
to just the way it was before.

While the tapestry of life is etched
in strings of DNA, that play through life
like strings upon a living violin,
seeking to become the composition
of an unorchestrated symphony;
for divinity is screaming for release
right through these particles of flesh,
into the very atmosphere we breed;
seeking to appease and then appeal
the many moods of its encountered
exile from the lives that it creates.

And It will not abate,
for its right is supreme,
even as it speaks in shadowed tones
that glowingly still shadow us
in the nightmare dreams, that roam
the deserted corridors where once
divinity was deemed to be untold;
even as it dangles from the stars and moon
and brings the sun in tune with earth and sky.

While all the reasons why still weep
through gray and rainy storm-swept days,
just as teardrops stain the pillowcase,
refusing e'er again to be contained;
for desire ever builds within itself
needing now the revelation of
each loving incantation found
lying in between the two of us . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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