Mist of Magic

Loving feelings spreading in a mist
of magic that creates the warmth
of atmospheric condensation.
as the heat of every breath you take
falls softly here upon my neck,
distantly repeating echoes
of all love's reality.

Teasing these creations of divinity
into an interplay sublimely moving
into a state of dreamy sleep,
that wakes within the morning dew,
and proves itself incapable of living
beyond the gist of scented hues of light
except through us.

Even now in deeps of winter nights,
enfolding starlit empathy that streams
through all our dreams,
deep indigo calls softly, sweetly
begging spirit to come home again;
as delighted motion moves itself
within these cells of flesh responding;
point by point, it feels itself
into another state of utter ecstasy.

And moon and stars still shine,
seeking all the love that future
possibly can bring to be,
spreading in a mist of magic warmth,
feeding all the seeds of spring
within an ultimate and timely dream
that speaks in whispered harmony,
enhancing winds that bring
the warmth of summer singing
once again through all of form.

Growing in indulgence of a living attitude,
knowing every dream come true
is born within these realms -
of magic mists become reality . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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