One Breath

An emptiness dwells
deep inside the cold.
Crystal shards of air
invade the lungs,
just before the heart
starts going numb.

A pleasant type of
dreamy reverie awakens
as spirit flies o'er
desert sands of snow,
glancing at the shifting sheens below,
as if the world and all we knew
were only one great, strange,
and startling change
of moving particles.

Here and there and everywhere
become a single point
of light so white, so bright
it terrifies
an awe-inspiring mystery
of life less motion
into a trance-like state
of holistic concentration.

A breath, one breath,
can it still matter . . . ?
Meaning seems
to shake and shatter,
air shimmering and blending
in mirage-like artistry,
showing only that all ends
must come to be
another new beginning.

A startled pain
and then the letting go;
swift-flying nimbus
glowing like the moon.
At first, a slight bit out of tune,
but then ascending into melody
singing through
the silent cold of snow -
beyond the numb -
now totally alive.

a beat begins to play
in glory of the hues
of breaking day
surrounding and astounding
blood running through the veins
like golden ore,
but out of time and space,
just burning
with a great desire to be.

Just this,
and nothing more.
Just be and one
great feeling streams
back into forms of living dreams
loving every particle
of it's encounter;
compounding waves of energy
until the silence of a space
that lies between all breaths
again becomes
the meaning of it all . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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