One Touch

Reaching, reaching
for a way to teach the multitudes
(who seek for just convenience
in their world of make-believe)
the lessons that all prophets bore
and chose to live their lives into,
as magic enters once again
at a depth of singular
and cellular composure;

Touching to the core of all we are
moving us in ways that speak
into our moods of attitudes
that seek a moment's peace of mind
beheld and streaming
from these realms,
invisible to mortal eye.

Just then our soul responds
in words we never thought we knew,
increasing glowing platitudes to life;
that sing within a touch so utterly
alive and of reality
that sages redeem ages
of an infinite variety of thought.

Knowing now that age means naught
and that sensation rules the tools
brought to be, through pure imagination
in swirls of inspiration's fantasy;
channeling a feel of loving energy
into a mist of time unfurled,
knowing only this - one touch,
that feels its way into infinity . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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