Peak of All Unreason

Improvising words within a living melody,
we sing again, in tones of loving symmetry
revealing and revising ancient tomes
that speak of multitudes of possibility
found within chaotic understanding
and we reach to touch the peak
of all unreason yet again,
within one revelation
of an utter harmony.

A climax that can sing itself
beyond all paradox; taking
each extremity into its counterpoint -
receiving then, itself in opposition.
Here, beyond all preconditioning,
we want, we need, we are: desire
of fires that burn so intimately
wide and high within the very
centeredness of cells
that we have come to know as flesh;
And here we reach a point of no return,
beyond where intellect has yet to dare
approach totality.

The middle ground arises now in might
of a glowing centerpoint that lies within
each and every sense of opposition
bringing all extremities to meet
and greet each other lovingly;
just here, atop the peak of
all unreason, where words
of seeming mediocrity
intertwine and seed divinity . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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