Pure Mists of Bliss

Lost within pure mists of bliss -
he sank, he rose, he swam again
to achieve just one more moment
of the utter ecstasy he found
within the warmth of her embrace.

Was it only then, in time unspent...?
mere hours of independence
that this sense of utter need
came to a point of sure deliverance
or could it be much more
than just desire that stoked
this inner fire that he felt?

Just then, within an utterance divine,
the mists responded in resounding tone
and sight became no more than just
a simple set of eyes
that blinked in innocence of love unfolding;
completion found, within one sense -
clairvoyant and yet still evolving -
in emotions melding then into
the vast totality of love itself.

Lost within pure mists of bliss,
white on white that opens out
into the myriad hues of all existence,
speaking in a tome yet unexpressed
that still evolves in this deliverance -
seeking just to rise above all time and space
and speak again these words, unaltered
in an altering of clarity -
this spontaneity
that only heart
can bring to bear
upon reality . . .


Revised:  8/2/2001
Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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