Pure Sound

Too late, too late
they think to finally take
the auspices into an overview,
of all that lies so deeply hidden,
there, within the realm
of their sensation
as hearts begin to beat themselves
into a newborn altitude of flight;
when the escarpment that the attitudes
that mind's control conceives
begins to seem no more than make-believe
to intellects unaltered by the magic
of a touch of soul unbound.

But then the sound, one sound,
pure sound resounds
touching tones so real
within the feel of its deliverance,
that all now known of bondage
must decease as magic eases
fear into a state of pure transcendence.

Altering all icons sculpted,
symbolizing images so deep,
that the gist of our symbology
at last begins to speak
in terms and words that flow
within a tide of evolutionary need.

Redefining meaning in a way
that overpowers mind's imaginary play
and begins to feel itself into reality
in echoes of eternal verity;
just as this sound, one sound,
pure sound resounds
and speaks in honesty
from all the depth
of its emotion . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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