Rarity of Form

Action and reaction - movement
reaching for the peace of drifting
endlessly within these dreams
that seem to permeate the days
of soul's arrival into flesh.

Magically, the starlight streams,
dusting gentle realms of sleepless nights
while all the might of intellect's creation
can't seem to overcome this soul
that all of life is based upon.

And oh, its love, so all-encompassing,
rebels in rarity of form, dreaming
so completely into dawn, that all we are
responds in moods to lovingly descend
on wings of angels singing, infinite,
into the source of light;
drawing back into the form
of its very own creation.

We are meant to be this destiny,
insisting and condensing its delivery
to time and space less distance that divides,
as grace ascends yet once again
and quells divinity's great wrath
into surrendering to depths of utter paritcles.

When the power of all being
simply opens out into
one single flower's bloom -
white lotus floating on the pond
that ripples in each motion
of its million petals opening
to the sense and this sensation
of delight . . .


Copyright© 2001 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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